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Escape the city and enjoy the country at Rural Bark

Rural Bark 

You might know us as an amazing playcare and grooming facility in the city, but did you know that we also have an amazing boarding facility just outside the city? Our rural oasis affectionately known as 'Rural Bark' is an amazing property about 45 minutes away from Urban Bark in Mississauga, ON.

Valerie is in charge at Rural Bark and your pups are going to love her! She's been walking and boarding dogs in her home for over 5 years.  She has a beautiful fenced in acre property that looks like a magical garden - check out our story highlights for a glimpse of Rural Bark.

Her sidekick Sumo, a chow chow, helps her manage all the dogs. She has put a ton of work into training Sumo to be the most well mannered chow chow around. He loves having friends over and chasing them around the yard, although, he's gotten slower with age and has to take short cuts to keep up!

What Rural Bark has to offer:

  • Escape the congestion of the city and enjoy some fresh air!

  • A beautiful large secure outdoor space to run and play

  • A fun and safe place for your dog to stay while you're away
  • Daily updates and check-ins to see how your pup is doing
  • 24-hour supervision of the dogs

  • Taxi service between Urban Bark and Rural Bark

  • Your Rural Bark stay includes free daycare at Urban Bark before pick-up and after drop-off

Preparing for your pups stay at Rural Bark:

  • Drop-off at Urban Bark (949 St. Clair Ave W.) before 12pm on the first day of your pups stay and pick-up at Urban Bark before 6:30pm on the day you arrive home.

  • What to pack:

    • Rural Bark has you covered on most of the necessities​ (beds, bowls, toys)

    • Please provide your dogs own food

      • Food MUST be packaged in small bags labeled with your dogs name on it (one meal/bag). There is a $4​/day charge if food is not packed this way

  • Medication should be packaged and labeled with proper instructions on how to administer to pup - a $5/day fee applies to all medication administration

Our rates:

  • $75/night

  • Taxi service: $30 each way

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