Doggy Playcare

Regular exercise is essential to ensure the optimal health of your dog. But we know what it's like to be a busy working dog owner. It's not always easy to make it home in time to take Fido to the park; so let us help! Join our doggy daycare and you won't have to worry about what your pup is up to at home. No more worrying if they're bored, if they're anxious, if they're peeing on the carpet, if they're eating the house! In our playcare program, your dog will get plenty of physical activity as well as intellectual stimulation. We have a wide range of toys, as well as agility training equipment to keep your dog busy and stimulated all day. We also have something else your dog probably doesn't get at home, a playroom full of other dogs that are looking for the exact same thing as yours, a playful friend!

What to expect from our playcare:

At Urban Bark we have 3,200 square feet of space that we've divided into two amazing playrooms for your dog to spend the day. Our first is a beautiful indoor dog park where your dog will have plenty of room to run and play fetch. The room features beautiful arched windows with plenty of light and fresh air; it's honestly like being outside! Our second playroom is designed to feel more like urban Toronto. It features a beautiful dog mural, a dog house, a dog cottage, a slide, and tons of space to run and play. 

At this point, you're probably thinking, this place sounds amazing, but where will my dog do his business? We know you don't want your dog picking up bad habits at playcare and guess what, neither do we! We want your dog to feel comfortable and happy at all times in our playcare. So we will have one of our staff members take your dog out to do their business a couple times a day.

Playcare Packages




5 pack


10 pack


20 pack


Phone: (416) 657-2275 (BARK)


949 St. Clair Ave W

Toronto, ON M6C 3X7